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    Silicone Cupping Set

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product description


【Product Name】 Silicone cupping set
【Material】 Quality food grade silicone material
【Product Structure】 This product has 4 size models, each size has 5 colors
  Large product weight 90g: irrigation mouth diameter 70mm, high 80m
  No. 2 Size Product weight 40g: irrigation hole diameter 55mm, height 55mm;
  Three size product weight 17g: irrigation hole diameter 37mm, high 80mm;
  The smallest product weight 3g: irrigation hole diameter 15mm, high 50mm;


【Features】 environmentally friendly materials, no adverse skin irritation; safe and reliable,

no burns scratching worry; easy to operate, anytime, anywhere can cupping; suction strong,

easy to fall with the portable; tough and durable, easy to clean and disinfect; Exquisite, can

be used as gifts to share.


【Role and scope of application】 Silicone cupping with Shuang Tongluo, Huoxue pain,

swelling Sanjie, Qufeng addition to paralysis, dehumidification fever, detoxification pus,

tonic and so on. Modern medicine research, cupping therapy can improve blood

circulation, promotemetabolism, improve immunity, regulate the organization, relieve

the body pain, heart rate,

blood circulation, blood pressure, breathing, nerve, endocrine system also has a two-way

benign regulatory role. Widely used in family personal care, physical therapy, beauty, etc.,

can also be used as clinical prevention, diagnosis, treatment of auxiliary tools


product detail


silicone cupping

silicone cupping

silicone cupping

silicone cupping

silicone cupping



Suction silicone cupping method

1, press the suction cupping method: the portable cupping mouth close to the site of treatment, with

your fingers or palm press the can handle, so that the tank of air discharge, and then let go can

be negative pressure, you can suck, repeatedly press 2-3 Times to adjust the suction.


2, flip the suction method: the portable cans to the direction of the cupping cans to turn, and then

the bottom of the tank near the site of treatment, and then flip the shape of recovery, you can suck

on this method than the suction method of adsorption more force The

From silicone cupping method

1, directly from the cupping method: hand grasp can handle, directly forced to lift the cans from the skin.

This method is suitable for patients with no lesions, skin tolerance is better, the adsorption force is not

strong, often used in flash cupping.


2, the side from the cupping method: press the cans do not move, slowly opened from the side of the mouth.

This method is suitable for patients with skin lesions or poor skin tolerance, such as the elderly, children

and other people, often in the use of cans.


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