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Unilid Silicone Stretch Lids

Unilid silicone stretch lids | unilid food wrap factory wholesale

Unilid Silicone Stretch Lids, Unilid Universal Food Wrap Factory Wholesale

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    Multi colors

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    5 sizes, 6.5~21cm

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    Shenzhen, China

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    15 years experiences

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    Unilid silicone stretch lids


product description


Product Type: Unilid silicone stretch lids
Material: Silicone
Color: Available in a variety of colors
Features: feel soft, dustproof, environmental non-toxic, good sealing

          stretchable, easy to clean, can be customized logo


Quick Details:


1, Unilid is a fresh-keeping stretch lid that can be used in various shapes and sizes of containers.

 It doesn’t need to be forced to flatten when used. It can be automatically sealed as long as it

covers, no matter if it is leftovers, fruits, jams, or half a bottle of drink, with deadline reminding



2, Unilid silicone stretch lids is made of advanced food grade silicone raw materials, soft touch,

and has good permeability, adsorption and stretch, can be stretched to the original product 3

times the length.

3, while the use of unilid silicone stretch lids temperature range, -40 ° C ~ 200 ° C range can be

used normally, for hot and cold has excellent weather performance. In the interior can be widely

used with electronic microwave ovens, freezers, vegetable cover, coffee cups and so on. In the

applicable temperature, the characteristics of the silicone products to maintain good, easy to


4, Unilid silicone stretch lids can be used repeatedly cleaning, after use, you can put into the

water for high temperature antivirus or disinfectant disinfection continue to use, in vigorously

promote environmental protection in today’s era, silicone plastic film is a typical representative

of environmental protection.

5, Unilid silicone stretch lids is made of food grade silicone material, environmental non-toxic,

safe and sanitary, through the German LFGB and other food-grade safety testing.


1. The silicone products for the soft elastomer, the use should be avoided by sharp protruding

items cut.
2. Keep the product in a place where children can not get it.
3. This product is not suitable for contact with strong acid and alkali items, please pay special

attention when using.

Traditional plastic wrap and silicone plastic wrap compared to the following shortcomings:
Used once will be elastic fatigue, stains can not be washed and must be discarded, and can not

be placed directly in the microwave heating … and so on for the environment are bit by bit cause



Silicone products advantage:

◎ use simple, just cover the container, and then left and right on the natural fit with the container.
◎ heat temperature up to 200 ℃, cold temperature -50 ℃.
◎ good cleaning, can be reused, reduce the amount of garbage.
◎ good elasticity, can be used in about 25cm container. (Depending on the container material will

have different effects)
◎ can be used for cooking, fruit preservation, placed in the bottom of the pot as a heat pad, anti-skid

pad and other uses.
◎ non-toxic, can be directly used in microwave ovens, freezer, dishwasher.
◎ several color combinations, easy to use according to the classification


product detail

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