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Fidget Pen Toy, Think Ink Pen, Fidget Pen Wholesale

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    Creative fidget toys

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    14 years experiences

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    Fidget pen toy

product description


Product Type:Fidget pen toy
Material: Metal
Color: Available in a variety of colors
Features: Funny, fidget toy pen, creative decompression toys

          small and magnetic, can be customized logo
1, inner packing: black box
2, outer packaging: cartons
3, special requirements can be customized


Quick Details:


1, Many people have a child when the habit of turning pen, but adults feel that the pen will be

scattered spirit of the impact of learning, in fact, for some often want to think about it or a long

time need brainstorming people, turning pen can effectively relieve stress, Will make the next

job more focused.

2, A specially designed to ease the pressure of the think ink pen come out, if you want to quiet

writing, the ball can be adsorbed to the top of the pen, fingers and chain beads do not interfere

with each other, in addition, chain beads can also act as a clip, the fidget pen On the book.

3, If you feel tired for a long time working, you can remove the chain beads began to play. Chain

beads can be removed to play alone, can also be turning connected with the fidget pen, of course

, can also suck the fidget pen at the center of the pen free rotation. In short, the chain beads with

fidget pen toy with 10 million kinds of combinations, not impossible, afraid of.


product detail

fidget pen toyfidget pen toyfidget pen toyfidget pen toyfidget pen toy


Some people may still be writing or desk work when the pen is biased, this time the research and

development team in particular to do the experiment. The experiment proved that students with

the study, the use of think ink pen students after pre-anxiety, the emotions can easily be this can

be unlimited play of the pen to ease, and completed the task on time. While the other part did not

use think ink pen students, the effect is the opposite. So that the appropriate relaxation, work and

rest, is to help improve the efficiency of work and study.


Shenzhen Wingene factory professional manufacturer think ink pen fidget pen wholesale.


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