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Factory Wholeslae FDA Eco-friendly Silicone Spatula Baking Tools

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    Eco-friendly, heat-resistant

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    Silicone spatula

product description


Product Type: Silicone spatula
Material: Silicone
Color: Available in a variety of colors
Features: Heat-resistant, dustproof, environmental non-toxic,

         FDA quality, easy clean, can be customized patterns
1, inner packing: polybag packing
2, outer packaging: cartons
3, special requirements can be customized


Quick Details:

1, one molding, no dead angle design, easy to clean, the use of European standard 100% pure

silica gel, temperature up to 260 degrees Celsius.

2, the shape of the tip is also carefully designed, straight edge, round edge and arc angle, to

deal with various shapes of containers, surrounded by a thin soft silicone, scraping edge

can be shaved clean.

3, which wrapped a steel core, was completely covered with silicone, This steel core not

only increased the weight of the scraper, the operation feel more stable, able to withstand

more force, force transmission is very efficient.

4, Use silicone spatula do the cake, stir the protein and cake batter even without defoaming;

can effectively scrape the surface of the mixing basin paste, protein paste, focus on

ingredients and re-use, to reduce losses.

5, smoothing into the mold in the batter and so on; cleaning for scraping non-stick pan,

non-stick cloth, aluminum alloy pan and other top of the residue, debris, will not scratch

the product surface.


product detail

silicone spatula

silicone spatula

silicone spatula

silicone spatula

silicone spatula set

This silicone product is Europe and the United States today’s best-selling silicone products, safe

non-toxic, durable, suitable for all types of ovens, microwave ovens and refrigerators, etc. More

than similar products:

◆ 100% food grade (imported) silicone material
◆ The use of silicone material is very flexible
◆ baking will not stick with the food together
◆ high temperature (low temperature) characteristics, the maximum heat resistance up to 220 ℃

(minimum cold up to -40 ℃)
◆ has a longer life than other materials baking pan
◆ can be placed in the dishwasher cleaning
◆ A variety of colors to choose from

Description: scraper body seamless no dead ends, easy to clean, not easy to breed bacteria, handle

the outside is silicone material, the internal package stainless steel handle is not easy to bend, durable.

Silicone material can be resistant to 220 degrees high temperature, can be used in the heating process

will not aging hardened.


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