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Silicone Lego Tape Wholesale

Silicone lego tape | compatible duplo lego tape factory wholesale

Silicone Lego Tape, Duplo Lego Brick Tape Nimuno loops Factory Wholesale

  • Color :

    Any pantone colors

  • Material :


  • Size :

    1 meter, or custom

  • Type :

    Educational Toys

  • Feature :


  • Brand :


  • Back :


  • Place :

    Shenzhen, China

  • Factory :

    14 years experiences

  • Usage :

    Silicone lego tape

 Nimuno Loops Silicone ‘Lego tape’ lets your brick on any surface


product description


【Product Series】: Creative silicone lego tape toys
【Product net weight】: 65g
【Product origin】: Shenzhen
【Manufacturer】: Wingene
【Specification】: 15.6mm * 1000mm * 3.8mm
【Packing】: 1pc color box / meter
【Services】: OEM/ODM


The surface of silicone lego tape is the same as the LEGO building we play, but it’s funny place

to be cut and free, but in other words you want it to be, just a pair of scissors Do it.


It’s Lego Loves dream come ture:As if a whole Lego House wasn’t enough, a ingenious design have

created Nimuno Loops, a Lego-compatible brick tape that promises to turn any surface into a site

for toy brick projects. bendable, shapeable, and cuttable like a roll bubblegum,this “silicone lego

tape“features a reusable adhesive backing that can stick to windows,kitchen counters,refrigerators

,tubs,and,well,virtually every corner of your house.


LEGO toys silicone lego tape building blocks made of environmentally friendly silicone products,

the product can be the biggest bright free bend, the product feel super good, soft and strong, to

protect the child is not knock injury, the use of silicone rubber high tape with the following


1. Develop children’s imagination and lay the foundation for other skills
2. Develop logical thinking and learn basic mathematical concepts
3. Raise your child’s attention
4. improve the child’s attention to let children learn more 5 to help children better understand

and create the world!


product detail


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