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Silicone Cosmetic Bag

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Fashion Style Factory Wholesale Silicone Cosmetic Bag

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    Silicone cosmetic bag


product description


Product Type: Silicone cosmetic bag
Material: Silicone
Color: Available in a variety of colors
Features: feel soft, dustproof, environmental non-toxic,

         with metal zippers, can be customized logo
1, inner packing: blister packing
2, outer packaging: cartons
3, special requirements can be customized


Quick Details:


1, Lovely silicone cosmetic bag is the essential thing of women! Using 100% pure silicone raw

materials, matte matte texture, super cute ~ temperature difference between the range of 200

-50 degrees, dirty with a damp cloth on the clean.

2, Zipper design, mini wallet, flexible texture can be free to stretch the opening ~ small, coins,

lipstick, cosmetic, Keys and other small debris to facilitate the collection, fashion beautiful,

super cute silicone cosmetic pouch.


3, Easy to find, smooth touch, waterproof, anti-friction, can storage many small things, not

winding wear, easy to take, small and exquisite, Carry super convenience.



product detail

Silicone products advantage:

1. Can play the role of protection, not hard objects scratched;
2. toughness is very good, can effectively shock and shock impact;
3. Soft and moderate hardness, soft, personal care silicone material;
4. Surface dust, anti-fingerprint design, easy to dust, easy to clean up;
5. Material environmental protection, non-toxic harmless to the human body, can be recycled;
6. The surface can do a variety of patterns, the product color can be adjusted according to the

requirements of color; stylish and generous, trend;
7. High temperature, anti-aging, waterproof, oil and other special.


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