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Fidget Roller Wholesale, Fidget ONO Roller, ONO Roller Toys Factory Custom

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    Multiple colors

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    Creative toys

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    Shenzhen, China

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    14 years experiences

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    Fidget roller toys

product description


Product Type: ONO fidget roller toys
Material: Alloy
Color: Available in a variety of colors
Features: Funny, fidget desk toy, creative decompression toys

          small and easy to carry, can be customized logo
1, inner packing: color box
2, outer packaging: cartons
3, special requirements can be customized


Quick Details:


1, ONO fidget roller composed of two alloys, heavy metal feel in the hands can roll back and

forth so you stay focused and relax, play quiet, durable and easy to operate.

2, Ono fidget roller toys one hand will be able to grasp, touch and palm with two hand to make

repeated rotation of two markers almost. As a result of the use of space-grade aluminum alloy,

smooth turn silent will not quarrel with others, wheel structure means you can also use it as a

mini massage.

3, Fidget roller factory wholesale, release inner tension, relieve stress, anxiety. Exercise finger

flexibility, a professional tool that you can use to keep your hand busy rather than playing with

a toy.

4, According to the survey of scientists, gyroscopic turn movements on attention deficit and ADHD

crowd training has a great role in promoting attention, to relieve stress, and quit smoking, addiction

has some auxiliary role.


product detail

ono fidget roller

ono fidget roller

ono fidget roller

ono fidget roller

ono fidget roller


Today’s society, psychological pressure, it is to undermine our physical and mental health of

the culprit.

Through a small fidget spinner can adjust the modern people due to stress caused by

insomnia, anxiety, forgetfulness, memory loss and other neurological disorders. That is

interesting, but also as a bridge between people to communicate with people.

Now the common behavior of decompression:
Some people like to pinch bubble bubbles,
Some people like shaking legs,
Some people like to press the ballpoint pen,
Some people like to turn pen,
Some people like to turn coins,
Some people like to turn on zippo lighters, …
The ono fidget roller is the advanced version of this kind of thing, by curling your fingers or

squeezing your hand gently, it will rotate and roll within your finger. Curl your fingers in

reverse to change direction.


Shenzhen Wingene factory professional manufacturer ono fidget roller toys wholesale.


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