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Nakefit Soles Stick On Soles

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Waterproof Nakefit Stick-on Soles/ Invisible Shoes Foot Pads

  • Color :

    Blue, pink, black

  • Material :

    Nano material+silicone

  • Size :

    XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

  • Type :

    Foot Pad

  • Brand :


  • Feature :

    Soft, Comfortable

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  • Factory :

    16 years experiences

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【Product Series】: Creative nakefit sticky soles
【Product net weight】: 15g
【Product origin】: Shenzhen
【Manufacturer】: Wingene
【Specification】: 6 sizes
【Packing】: 1pc/opp bag
【Services】: OEM/ODM


NakeFit soles Invisible Shoes Available Size Reference:


290mm 270mm 250mm 230mm 200mm 170mm


Hot summer people often choose to wear slippers to go out, and slippers above the blocked part of the skin

is easy to sweat, causing slippers slippery, this time if you accidentally hit the water will slip to. In fact, the

summer can abandon the slippers, wear NakeFit soles, invisible shoes is a foot plate can be close to the

insoles, this insoles can protect both feet, but also can walk like a barefoot in the road.


nakefit soles


Some people may feel that this kind of invisible shoes like an insole, if walking on the uneven road will make

the foot pain, but in fact, NakeFit foot pad are made of elastic material, can be easily posted on the feet, So

people wear it to walk in any bad road conditions can have a very comfortable feeling. NakeFit soles at the

bottom of the little bit by the uneven, these little points can be better contact with the ground, in the face of

water when the enhanced friction with the ground, so it has a waterproof and anti-skid function, than the

ordinary Shoes wearing more security.


nakefit soles


Summer out to wear NakeFit stick-on soles will have a super fashion feeling, like friends in the summer

barefoot can enjoy NakeFit soles to bring the freedom of running on the rocks, so that the whole summer in

a pair of invisible shoes Help under the comfortable and comfortable.


At present, NakeFit soles have three colors, namely black, pink and blue, but also different invisible shoe pad

size can choose.


stick-on soles


NakeFit invisible shoes will probably become a true summer artifact. Simple soles sticky feet can walk without

the feeling of wearing shoes is also quite comfortable. For them, “shoes” can also be so convenient, just remove

the paste in the sole soles of the protective film can be used!



NakeFit offers protection against sharp stone cuts, cuts rock or shell damage on the beach, and also protects your

high temperature burns and can even walk on the street!


nakefit soles


NakeFit stick-on soles its principle is very simple: Although not the same material, this insoles with our normal

shoes to wear the insoles is the same function, he designed into the insoles shape is more creative and unique,

when walking like no Wear shoes to make people shine!


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