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Magic Rainbow Ball

Magic rainbow ball,educational rainbow ball toy factory wholesale

Magic Rainbow Ball, Educational Rainbow Ball Toys Factory Wholesale

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    Educational toys

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    14 years experiences

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    Magic rainbow ball

product description


Product Type: Magic rainbow ball
Material: ABS Plastic
Color: Available in a variety of colors
Features: Funny, slider puzzle toy, creative decompression toys

          spherical loop structure, can be customized logo
1, inner packing: plastic box
2, outer packaging: cartons
3, special requirements can be customized


Quick Details:


1, Magic rainbow ball, composed of 12 rainbow circle, 11 different colors of colored balls, the

game process, the first ball and rainbow circle disruption, and then restore, and ultimately

restore the structure is the rainbow circle and color ball Color consistent. Help to improve

the child’s logical ability to judge and patience.


2, Children can be when the cube puzzle toys, the elderly can play to prevent Alzheimer’s

disease, adults can be decompression toys. Is a child puzzle products, can enhance the

baby’s intelligence, while the rainbow ball is also a very good advertising promotional gifts.


3, Magic rainbow ball has a hole is empty, to be used to give way, magic ball play is mainly

to disrupt the position of the ball, and then make it through the skills to restore the location

, you can understand the 3D intellectual puzzle!


4, Rainbow ball is actually used to practice hand speed, to promote the ball need a larger finger

strength. If the child is too strong, you can try. Seems like a geometric problem, it is a function

problem. Do not be confused by the sphere, the essence of the rainbow is: plane movement

problem. Play similar to Huarong Road (slider puzzle).


product detail

magic rainbow ballmagic rainbow ballmagic rainbow ballmagic rainbow ballmagic rainbow ball


Magic rainbow ball personality struck! Do you think life is stressful? Do you feel always irritable?

Do not worry, the magic rainbow ball to help you, simple football style is a whole rainbow ball cave,

such as magic how to turn the same as the same as how to play the maze how to do not come out,

people play on the basic Can not stop, this is why the magic rainbow ball magic can be so young

friends like the reason, as long as you do not want to get started, can successfully transfer your

attention, ease your bad mood, of course, not only great friends very Playing a lot of children early

school is also happy to use this fun little toys to attract children’s attention to develop their

intelligence, so that this magic rainbow can be described as a two-pronged recreation toys!


Shenzhen Wingene factory professional manufacturer magic rainbow ball toy custom.


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