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Silicone Lego Base Plates Compatible Mat

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Factory Wholesale Compatiable Lego Toy Brick Mat Silicone Lego Baseplate

  • Color :

    Red, blue, yellow, pink etc

  • Material :


  • Size :

    10", 15" or Custom

  • Type :

    Compatiable Lego Block

  • Brand :


  • Feature :

    Flexible, foldable

  • Place :


  • Factory :

    14 years experiences

  • Custom :


  • Usage :

    Silicone lego base plates


【Product Series】: Creative lego base plates
【Product net weight】: 205g
【Product origin】: Shenzhen
【Manufacturer】: Wingene
【Specification】: 380mm * 380mm * 5mm
【Packing】: 1 Opp bag / pcs
【Services】: OEM/ODM


Seemingly simple building blocks, in fact, contains a lot of features. Because it is simple, so in order to change

the infinite play, which also left the child more imagination and create space. Take a look to see, play the building

blocks lego base plates to bring the child what benefits.

lego base plates

Exercise hand-eye coordination. When accumulating wood, the child needs to use his hands smartly, so it can

promote the development of fine action. Will be scattered building blocks of complex objects, you can also exercise

hand-eye coordination.

Cultivate observation. Children take out the house and the like, in fact, are common in life. They are the first to learn

to observe, and then play in the process, the daily life of things observed with lego base plates building blocks . The

observation is unknowingly cultivated.

lego base plates

Cultivate communication skills. Let the children and other children with building blocks, which is more interesting

than a person to play. Moreover, the children together to lego base plates build blocks, each other will inspire, so

will play more seriously, to cultivate children and people get along with the ability is also good.

lego base plates

Make your child more confident. The process of building blocks can be controlled by the child itself, which will give

the child satisfaction and self-confidence.

Children playing lego base plates in the process of building blocks, you can also learn a lot of mathematical knowledge,

cultivate a sense of space, imagination, creativity and language skills.

lego base plates


LEGO base plates toys silicone rubber building blocks made of environmentally friendly silicone products, the product

can be the biggest bright free bend, the product feel super good, soft and strong, to protect the child is not knock injury,

the use of silicone mat lego baseplate with the following advantages:

1. Develop children’s imagination and lay the foundation for other skills
2. Develop logical thinking and learn basic mathematical concepts
3. Raise your child’s attention
4. improve the child’s attention to let children learn more 5 to help children better understand and create the world!


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