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Fixate Gel Pads Sticky

Fixate gel pads,gel pad sticks to anything,adhesive gel pads

Fixate Gel Pads, Gel Pad Sticks To Anything, Adhesive Sticky Gel Pads

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    PU gel

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    Creative gifts

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    Waterproof, adhesive

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    14 years experiences

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    Fixate gel pads

product description


Product Type: Fixate gel pads
Material: PU gel
Color: Available in a variety of colors
Features: Easy to carry, dustproof, environmental non-toxic,

          with strong adhesive, waterproof, can be customized logo
1, inner packing: opp bag
2, outer packaging: cartons
3, special requirements can be customized


Quick Details:


1, Fixate Gel Pads can be firmly attached to any small smooth surface without leaving any

traces. There are numerous nanoscale holes in the non-slip mat. The Fixate Gel Pads are

non-toxic, odorless, Reuse of powerful features.
2, Fixate strong adsorption capacity, life can not hang things on the wall, the basic can suck,

small to a key, big to even a small sound can easily on the wall.
3, You do not think that this little things stick up to tear off, gently tear from the edge, easily

peel off, and then leave no trace, Fixate is not afraid of ultraviolet and high temperature

exposure. Even if the temperature reaches 100 ℃, it will not happen to melt or deformation

of the situation, put in the car when the mobile phone bracket in the right, but from the

farewell mobile phone bracket.
4, You do not have to worry about tearing off, the glue will not make the above, as long as the

water rinse, immediately change, so you can repeatedly use no need to throw.


product detail

fixate gel padsfixate gel pads

fixate gel padsfixate gel padsfixate gel pads



Everyday life, all kinds of hooks filled in every corner. Bathroom, kitchen, and others, but it is

annoying that not all surfaces are suitable for fixed hooks, and the average weight of objects

that can be attached to the hook is also limited. Stick to the wall A heavy load on the fall!

There is always not clean in addition to the residual glue, it is minutes to die forced obsessive

-compulsive disorder
To this end, the development of a black technology, properly solve the hook is not convenient,

not reliable, leaving traces and other issues. It is it, universal gel pad Fixate Gel Pads.
Although the Fixate Gel Pads are designed to be very powerful, our daily use does not have to

challenge its limits, so it is important to avoid vertical or reverse sticking as much as possible

in the use of items that are safe, heavier, To prevent accidental damage.


Shenzhen Wingene factory professional manufacturer fixate gel pads custom.


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