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Exercises Stretch Fitness Resistance Bands

Fitness resistance bands | resistance bands set factory wholesale

Fitness Resistance Bands, Resistance Loop Bands, Resistance Band Set Factory Wholesale

  • Color :

    Black, green, blue, red, yellow

  • Material :

    100% Natural Latex

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  • Type :

    Fitness products

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  • Feature :

    Flexible, soft

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    14 years experiences

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    Fitness resistance bands


product description


Product Type: Exercises stretch fitness resistance bands
Material: 100% natural latex
Color: Available in a variety of colors
Features: dustproof, environmental non-toxic, waterproof, soft, flexible

          beautiful design, can be customized logo
1, inner packing: opp bag packing
2, outer packaging: cartons
3, special requirements can be customized


Quick Details:


1, Latex fitness resistance bands is a simple, powerful combination of tools for core training

that helps to achieve stronger, more styling and more sexy buttocks, legs and arms that will

make your body more perfect and full of life through exercise vitality.

2, Fitness resistance bands made of high-quality natural latex, non-toxic odor, does not irritate

the skin, good elasticity, tough enough, strong and durable.

3, Fitness resistance bands material taken from the natural rubber tree, the use of artificial

tapping way, doomed the precious material, natural latex flexible, long service life.

4, Fitness resistance band can exercise the arm, exercise the leg, exercise assisted abdomen,

modified muscle lines, is a great choice for sports and fitness enthusiasts.


Silicone rubber products advantage:

1. Can play the role of protection, not hard objects scratched;
2. toughness is very good, can effectively shock and shock impact;
3. Soft and moderate hardness, soft, personal care silicone material;
4. Surface dust, anti-fingerprint design, easy to dust, easy to clean up;
5. Material environmental protection, non-toxic harmless to the human body, can be recycled;
6. The surface can do a variety of patterns, the product color can be adjusted according to the

requirements of color; stylish and generous, trend;
7. High temperature, anti-aging, waterproof, oil and other special.


product detail


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