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Fingerlings Finger Monkey Toys

Finger monkey toys,fingerlings factory wholesale,manufacturer

Finger Monkey Toys, Fingerlings Factory Wholesale, Fingerlings Manufacturer

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    Multiple colors

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    Creative toys & gifts

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    Will move, will speak

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    Shenzhen, China

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    14 years experiences

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    Fingerlings Finger monkey toys


product description


Product Type: Fingerlings finger monkey toys
Material: Plastic
Color: Available in a variety of colors
Features: funny, fidget toy, creative decompression toys

          small and easy to carry, will move, will speak, can be customized logo
1, inner packing: blister packing
2, outer packaging: cartons
3, special requirements can be customized


Quick Details:


Fingerlings finger monkey toys, cute, caressing, caressing, coaxing, etc., the little monkey can

catch the fingertips, or with the tail hanging. Creative little gift. You can try to do blowing, touch

the head, applause, shaking, upside down and other actions, so that children play in their own to

find fun.

1, fingerlings finger monkey toys have a smart stature, roll can be poured around the tail, so that

bags, backpacks, writing, fingers, etc., at any time can become a child’s habitat, is a child with a

small companion.


2, With fingerlings finger monkey toys intimate interaction, built-in three kinds of intelligent

sensor system, up to 50 kinds of behavioral movements, shake them, kiss them, and even hang

them up, they will give you a lovely response.


3, When you are not around the child, fingerlings finger monkey toys will become a child’s close

playmate, the children can interact with it, learn to take care of it, and even coax it to sleep, to

cultivate the ability of children to communicate with people.


4, Fingerlings finger monkey toys using high-grade environmentally friendly ABS material, shock

resistant, do not worry about it hit bad, safe skin, and it is intimate contact and no pressure.


product detail


finger monkey toys

finger monkey toys

finger monkey toys

finger monkey toys

finger monkey toys

Today’s society, psychological pressure, it is to undermine our physical and mental health of

the culprit.

Through a small fidget spinner can adjust the modern people due to stress caused by

insomnia, anxiety, forgetfulness, memory loss and other neurological disorders. That is

interesting, but also as a bridge between people to communicate with people.

Now the common behavior of decompression:
Some people like to pinch bubble bubbles,
Some people like shaking legs,
Some people like to press the ballpoint pen,
Some people like to turn pen,
Some people like to turn coins,
Some people like to turn on zippo lighters, …
The fidget spinner is the advanced version of this kind of thing, the gyro rotates at the

fingertips, relieves the tension, improves the attention, and is fun and fun.


Shenzhen Wingene factory professional manufacturer fingerlings finger monkey toys wholesale.


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