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AR Gun 3D Game Toy Gun

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Factory Direct Sales AR GUN Enhance The Real Game Toy Pistol

  • Color :

    Pink, black, blue etc

  • Material :

    ABS plastic

  • Size :


  • Type :

    AR Gun

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  • Feature :

    Enhance the real

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  • Factory :

    14 years experiences

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    Customer's Logo

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    Game gun


product description


Product Type: AR Gun
Material: ABS Plastic
Color: Available in a variety of colors
Features: Using ABS as the main material of the gun body, the surface of the matte treatment

          process, a better sense of grip, but also have a better anti-skid anti-sweat function

1, inner packing: blister packing
2, outer packaging: cartons
3, special requirements can be customized


Quick Details:


1: You can combine the characters in the game with the scenes in the real world. For example,

like the Nintendo game, you can take the picula in your hand. The AR-GUN can also hold the

characters, animals, plants and so on in the game, Things went to our real environment.

2: you can virtual game characters, animals, plants and other people in reality with the figure,

for example: you can game with zombies, scenes, animals, etc. photo, and then show the circle

of friends to meet you and the game fantasy People with the desire.

3: You can interact with the virtual game in the task, for example: with the AR-GUN pistol, you

can play virtual game inside the monster, it even suddenly went to our reality around the scene,

so that virtual games and realistic scenes, And then through us to interact, open the game had

not experienced the passion, so that the game is not the general spread of the world.


product detail


ar gun

ar gun

ar gun

ar gun

ar gun


Using Steps:

Step 1: Open the battery cover and install two batteries on the 7th, and then cover the battery cover.
Step 2: Use the phone to sweep the two-dimensional code on the box, download AR = GUNAPP.
The third step: open the phone Bluetooth and open AR = GUN = APP.
Step 4: Hold down the shooting key and connect the AR-GUN to the phone for 3 seconds.
The fifth step, need to charge / jump high / move by pressing the button
Step 6: When in case of emergency, throw the thunder / replace the weapons and equipment

according to the gun
Step 7: In order to save power, do not play the phone, exit the mobile phone chain APP.


AR gun is a new intelligent toy gun.
It got rid of the traditional play a lot of restrictions, upgrade shooting new experience!
With the game gun with mobile phone. Reality and virtual scenes combined with each other,

give you surreal shooting pleasure!


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