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Air Hover Football Soccer Ball

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Hover Cushion Football Air Hover Ball Indoor Sports Football With Light

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    White, black

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    Indoor Sport Toys

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    Led light, music

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    14 years experiences

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    Air hover football


product description


Product Type: Air hover football
Material: Plastic+EVA
Color: Available in a variety of colors
Features: funny, fidget toy, creative decompression toys

          with led light and music, can be customized logo
1, inner packing: color box
2, outer packaging: cartons
3, special requirements can be customized


Quick Details:


1, This air hover football toy using the principle of hovercraft, the use of internal fans continue

to discharge the wind can make the toy itself suspended on the ground, with colorful lights,

indoor games full of fun. And surrounded by a thick bubble ring protection, to provide

adequate flexibility to retain the fun of playing at the same time, but also to overcome the

general ball up and down chaos easy to damage the shortcomings of furniture, safe and secure.


2, the working principle of suspended football is inhaled the surrounding air and to the bottom

of the release of airflow, the use of a strong airflow to achieve a reduction in the role of friction

with the ground, similar to the effect of suspension, not to say that football can fly in the air,

Know that the product needs 4 5 batteries, need to bring their own, some customers reflect the

kick did not take long to play, buoyancy is not enough, this is because the product power

consumption, normal phenomenon, you can buy more battery backup.


3, suspended football is not the whole football suspension, the normal are floating ground 0.01 cm,

reduce the pressure, can be hand or foot auxiliary play process, but different from ordinary football,

can not be violent, please operate on a smooth floor or floor.


product detail

air hover football

air hover football

air hover football

air hover football

air hover football

Fidget Toys Ball Instructions:

1, Want children to exercise, away from the computer, mobile phone But there is no time to

accompany him, let the children out of a person to play and worry about security issues, buy

a real football and no big venue can provide! At home kick and worry about breaking

furniture, glass.

2, This suspension of football can be a perfect solution to all this problem! Football outside

the circle wrapped in a high bomb bubble, intelligent rebound, hit the object both to protect

the furniture, but also a quick rebound, colorful LED bright light, increase children’s sports

fun at night can play, square, home , Low carpet, wood flooring. Can be free to play!