silicone factory
silicone factory

Shenzhen Wingene Electronic Development Co., Ltd was founded in June 2003, located in Dalang Street, Longhua New District, Shenzhen City. The company is specializing in mold design and manufacturing of silicone products factory rubber andplastic mold products, plastic injection molds, silkscreen printing, spray coating, PCB assembly, label making and membrane keypad manufacturing, remote controls, roller, zebra stripes, IMD parts, remote control products, metal parts, inter connector productions, touch screen parts, and other electronic apparatus.


The Shenzhen factory is 5,000 sqm working area. Equipped with automated equipment, advanced technology, excellent management, and skilled staff, Wingene has grown substantially, production of all kinds of rubber and plastic products and processing,includes UV transfer key lens, color plating and optical coating products, silicone rubber products, mobile phone keys,mobile phone case,and so on.


silicone factory


silicone company


After 15 years develop, our company become one of the biggest and professional factory in Silicone products Industrial. Along with more and more foreign customers establish business relation with us, Our products become more and more popular in the international market.


In the competitive economic age, we hold the principle of Good Faith, Top Quality, Best Service, Advanced Technology to service for our customers. We sincerely welcome customers all over of the world joint together with us explore international market .


silicone factory


silicone factory


We are committed to: do first-class service, a first-class quality. Our advantage: We have our own design department and mold department, according to customer requirements, you can use the fastest time to complete the design, in the shortest time to open the mold proofing. Many companies in the peer design and mold are outsourced, so that the efficiency of the work and the customer’s time is very wasteful. So the equivalent of most of the peers to compare, we are more trusted OEM / ODM manufacturers, we believe that a good mold can determine 80% of the product quality. Believe that Wingene, to design, produce the highest quality, most customer satisfaction with the product.



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